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Off Topic: Deck The Walls

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange Tempe

There are few things sadder than something blank. From the blank canvas of a frustrated artist, the blank page of a frustrated writer, or the blank living room wall of a frustrated, well, you. As a person of obvious style (you are reading the Buffalo Exchange Fashion blog after all), you like your personality to shine through—not just in your clothes, but also in your surroundings. So, if you’re interested in venturing beyond the basic mirror or painting above the couch, then click that “continue reading” link, because you’ve come to the right place.

Having something large on the wall can make an impressive statement, but it can also overwhelm a smaller room and/or prove cumbersome when it comes time to move. Instead of opting for a smaller object that will get swallowed up by the wall around it, how about displaying an array of the same type of item.

Buffalo Exchange


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A Winter Closet Clean Out

By Stephanie Lew, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Buffalo Exchange Winter was certainly a strong beast this season. You may have pulled out that parka more times than you can remember or forgone the fashion boots for practical snow shoes. However fear not my friends, spring is within sight and a closet clean out is just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to clean out, reorganize and transition with a roomy closet into spring. Here are a few tips and thoughts for your closet clean out.


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Dead Ringers: DIY Halloween Ideas

By Buffalo Exchange Charlotte

Photos by Graham Morrison

Models: Chelsea O’Connor, Graham Morrison, Mandy Kendall and Tania Kelly

The folks at Buffalo Exchange Charlotte are “dead” ringers this Halloween as members of The 27 Club. Channeling their favorite fallen stars, they have recreated the iconic styles of Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. These are easy and affordable costume ideas that will allow you to be a rock star for the night and celebrate the Halloween spirit.

Buffalo Exchange


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A Quick Story About a DIY and the Swan Dress

By Stephanie Lew, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

The costume of my dreams cost me:

  • 60 yards of tulle
  • A few scraps of felt
  • And hours and hours of unorganized labor.
  • Was it worth it? YES.

Buffalo Exchange

Two years ago I set out to avoid the “OMG, she’s wearing the same thing as me!” Halloween disaster. So I spent days pondering over my options and there was only one clear choice. “You’re going to have to make it and it’s going to have to be AMAZING.” What to sew? The one and only Swan dress that Bjork strutted at the 73rd Academy Awards in 2001.

I’ll keep this simple, I have very little sewing skills. The extent of those skills were pushing a pedal and pulling the fabric. I started off by purchasing 5 yards of white tulle and a plain petticoat as the base. The petti had two ruffles along the bottom but otherwise it was a blank canvas. I sat down and started sewing the strip of tulle to the petticoat, shoving it in the machine so it bunched here and there. Soon enough all the fabric was gone and guess how far I had sewn? Yep, not even a full circle around the bottom.

This went on for about three weeks focusing a few hours here and there on it and many trips to the fabric store. Sixty yards later, I had the fluffiest crinoline I had ever seen. Its resemblance to the true Bjork dress was stunning; although I’m sure hers was much softer and more flexible. Next I had to get creative on how to make a swan’s neck and beak. I used a strip from a white sweatshirt, stuffed it and kneaded it around my neck. Lastly, I cut out a few geometric shapes to make the black eyes and beak.

It was at the moment of pulling it up and glancing in the mirror that the endorphins flowed freely. A rush of accomplishment took over and the proud new mother of a swan dress was born.  What’s the conclusion here? You don’t have to be a master of the craft to create your dream costume. You can take what little knowledge you might have and push the boundaries.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

This dress lasted me a good two Halloween seasons and this year I will be creating something new (to me). I hope you join me in your Halloween endeavors! Check back for my Halloween 2013 DIY costume.

Buffalo Exchange

Stephanie is a connoisseur of shoes and small brass figurines. Born and raised in Tucson, AZ, she is the Art Director for Buffalo Exchange. Her favorite words include “Yikes” “Banana” and “Paradox.” You can see adorable photos of her dog here @StephLewPhotog

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Halloween DIY

By Jem Ross and Sandra Roldan, Buffalo Exchange Williamsburg

Models: James Summons, Amy Wilde, Jem Ross and Brianna Tirado

Halloween is fast approaching! In the spirit of the Buffalo Exchange DIY tradition, we’ve compiled some fun, easy and affordable costume ideas that will inspire creativity for a bangin’ Halloween party outfit.

All of these costumes were created using items at Buffalo Exchange that you can pair with accessories from your closet and some easy DIY crafting for original and personalized costumes.

Buffalo Exchange


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